Enovis™ and Breakthrough Announce Official Partnership, Empowering Private Practice Healthcare to Help Improve Quality of Care While Increasing Profitability

September 11, 2023

Conservative care private practice owners can promote Enovis Corporation’s innovative therapeutic technologies directly to patients with Breakthrough’s exclusive marketing campaigns

Enovis Recovery Sciences, a leading provider of clinically differentiated rehabilitation technologies with a broad offering in bone growth stimulation, rehabilitation, pain management and recovery across musculoskeletal space recently announced its partnership with Breakthrough, a leader in data-driven healthcare marketing solutions.

Through this new partnership, conservative care physical therapy and chiropractic practice owners can reach more patients with Breakthrough’s Patient Demand marketing software. As part of the agreement, healthcare providers have access to turnkey, data-driven marketing tools designed to promote Enovis Recovery Sciences’ innovative rehabilitation technologies, including Chattanooga® and LightForce®, directly to their patients. This stronger revenue potential will allow clinics to confidently adopt more innovative therapeutic treatment approaches, improve quality of care, and enhance overall patient engagement.

“As a leading medical technology company, Enovis is focused on developing forward-thinking solutions that generate better patient outcomes. Part of our mission is to help healthcare professionals thrive, and we are thrilled for what this partnership with Breakthrough means for our customers and their businesses,” said Guy Guglielmino, President of Enovis Recovery Sciences.

Many insurance companies do not reimburse for treatments made possible by modern medical technologies, such as laser therapy. Patients are often unaware of these affordable self-pay rehabilitative options. The partnership between Enovis Recovery Sciences and Breakthrough aims to create awareness for these treatment modalities through education-focused marketing campaigns where private practice clinicians can promote cash-pay therapeutic services and increase their profit margins despite declining reimbursements.

“We understand the concerns private practice owners face in today’s market,” said Carl Mattiola, CEO of Breakthrough. “Our goal is to help practices educate patients directly so they can make informed decisions about their health; our software makes that marketing work as streamlined as possible for busy clinicians. We’re thrilled to add exclusive Enovis campaigns to our library of marketing solutions. This will help an immense number of patients gain access to therapies they wouldn’t experience otherwise.”

For information about the new partnership, please click here.