Rapidly responding to COVID-19

May 8, 2020

GasArc are providing nearly 8000 medical Oxygen regulator’s to London’s new NHS Nightingale hospital will care for coronavirus patients

ESAB’s GasArc team is proud to announce the reintroduction of a medical Oxygen regulator to the specifications required for the temporary hospitals including London’s new NHS Nightingale hospital. GasArc are providing nearly 8000 units. The temporary hospital will care for coronavirus patients needing intensive care treatment.

The Nightingale hospital is UK’s newest, and largest, hospital facility and was created in 9 days East London’s ExCeL exhibition center, which normally plays host to lifestyle shows, expos and conferences, has been converted into the temporary NHS Nightingale hospital, with space for 4,000 beds.

For more information on the hospital and to see photographs of where our regulator will go in each of the 4000 patient spaces – click this link.

Gareth Pemberton GCE Director of innovation and the R&D teams in GCE and GasArc have been working with Cambridge Consultants to produce a solution for blending Air and Oxygen for hospital ventilators, their fantastic hard work sometimes through the night and weekends has resulted in GasArc supplying prototypes today after only 9 days from concept, GCE CZ Republic designed and supplied the prototype dome load regulators that are key component parts of the blender. GasArc are doing final assembly of the blender bringing all parts together.

As part of the world’s largest gas control equipment company, with manufacturing on 5 continents and more than 100 years’ experience in the design and production of technical, specialty and medical gas control products, GasArc and GCE are the ideal solution provider for medical and High-Purity & Instrumentation.