Enovis Corporation’s environmental, health, and safety policy.

Our vision, policy, goals, and operations.

Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Vision Statement

Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Vision Statement.

The protection of human health, personal safety, and environmental quality rank at the highest level of importance to Enovis Corporation. We operate in a diligent and responsible manner consistent with other world-class corporations and aligned with our stated EHS business goals and policy. We conduct business in a manner to meet or exceed regulations such as those established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Enovis empowers and supports our associates in their ongoing efforts to prevent accidents of all kinds and to promote a safe environment wherever they go. We use comprehensive management systems to demonstrate our commitment to Health, Safety, and the protection of our Environment and to the principles of our EHS Policy, bringing value to our associates, customers, and the community.


EHS Policy Statement.

  • Enovis actively and visibly manages EHS risk and performance elements in our operations. We meet or exceed statutory requirements in fact and in spirit
  • Enovis carries our culture of total associate involvement into EHS applications and responsibilities. Enovis’s associates are engaged, supported, and accountable in their roles in order to meet EHS objectives and to foster safety and environmental protection at work. Enovis encourages our associates to extend EHS awareness to their activities away from work
  • Enovis strives for the prevention of problems, and we set a zero target for accidents. We subscribe to a prevention-based EHS philosophy backed up with risk management and contingency planning. Investigations of accidents and upsets are conducted as an extension of our commitment to continuous improvement
  • Enovis associates conduct themselves in accord with the rules and cultures of our hosts, ranging from entire communities to specific work sites. Guests visiting Enovis are provided with the information and protections necessary to ensure their visit to Enovis is safe and productive
  • Enovis is conscious of our potential impact on the environment, our demand for resources, and the life cycle impacts from our products and operations. From design to delivery, we will seek opportunities to conserve resources and minimize detrimental effects on the environment internally and externally
  • In all aspects, Enovis Corporation will be driven by our core values of environmental protection, safe working conditions, and good corporate citizenry


EHS Goals.

Enovis Corporation will:

  • Know the site-specific EHS requirements.
  • Have an organized means to attain them and to detect additional requirements or risks
  • Have clearly defined roles, responsibilities, tasks, checks, procedures, and other tools to systematically carry out EHS objectives
  • Have an active and engaged workforce that incorporates EHS into their daily work priorities
  • Enable effective stewardship of EHS affairs at all management levels
  • Communicate company strategy and vision in order to align EHS with business goals and vice versa
  • Constantly improve measures used to mitigate the potential to cause environmental impairment or harm to human health
  • Improve performance as measured by accident statistics and other meaningful metrics. Set goals and objectives to drive continuous program improvements, striving for excellence consistent with or superior to the performance of the top quartile of our business peers.


EHS Operations.

Consistent with the importance we place on human health and personal safety, we have safety personnel at the corporate, business unit, and facility level. Our board reviews our safety initiatives at the start of each regularly scheduled board meeting, and our key leadership reviews safety matters at the start of each quarterly town hall meeting. Training is provided on an ongoing basis to relevant associates, including executives and other key associates, on human health and associate safety matters. For example, associates receive training on proper ergonomics and handling of hazardous materials to prevent injuries, environmental contamination, and damage to products or equipment, and we have invested in disaster and other emergency preparedness training and routinely practice drills.

We have also adopted Safe Work Practices at our manufacturing facilities to help provide a safe and healthy place to work. Among other things, our Safe Work Practices address use of protective equipment, housekeeping, and workplace condition and incident reporting, and corrective action reporting. Our businesses and certain facilities conform to internationally recognized standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, and OHSAS 18001.

We measure safety using numerous established metrics and report various key performance indicators to senior leadership at both the corporate and business unit level. For 2019, our continuing business operations saw 0.59 recordable incidents per 200,000 hours worked. The rate has decreased for each of the past six full years.

We have numerous recent and ongoing initiatives to reduce incidents and promote human health and personal safety. In 2020, we diverted three tons of waste from the landfill from our DJO manufacturing site in Vista, California, and in 2018 and 2019 we:

  • Established reporting for major injuries, dangerous occurrences (which are a leading indicator of major injuries), and near misses, and enhanced our related data collection processes, trend analysis, and incident response capabilities
  • Developed and implemented a fire safety checklist in all global plants
  • Completed our first Summer of Safety campaign in 2018 and continued this initiative in 2019
  • Developed and began the rollout of a new driver safety policy, metrics, and communication program
  • Established monthly EHS leader calls and quarterly all-hands global safety reviews
  • Enhanced our focus on additional high hazards, specifically ergonomics (hoists, cranes, lifting, and hand safety), electrical, and flammable metals
  • Introduced additional sustainability metrics and enhanced our environmental management strategy

Many of our business units have set objectives for key environmental aspects, such as lowering energy and water use, and eliminating hazardous substances. Our life cycle approach enables us to balance opportunities with risks and make choices that contribute value to our economies, our natural environments, and our communities.

We have adopted a Code of Conduct for Business Partners that sets out the expectations and standards that apply to any agents, distributors, dealers, contractors, intermediaries, joint venture partners, suppliers, and other business partners doing business with Enovis. Among other things, the Code of Conduct for Business Partners addresses health, safety, and the environment.