Arvis® - Augmented Reality Surgical Guidance


The Next Era of Orthopedic Technology

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Arvis headset image - with callouts
  1. Surgeon Controlled

    ARVIS is operated by hands-free gaze and voice, keeping you in control, not a robot or a technician. Tracking cameras at your viewpoint minimize line-of-sight issues.

  2. AR for the OR™

    Proprietary augmented reality (AR) eyepiece was designed specifically for orthopedic surgeons. Combines stereo IR tracking cameras with a 3D AR display all powered by a high-performance mobile processor.

  3. Self-Contained System

    Small, lightweight system requires no external equipment and includes rechargeable battery.

  4. Compatibility

    ARVIS® can be worn with the ARVIS augmented reality headband (shown) or the Stryker® Flyte®or T7® helmet

ARVIS is available for use with innovative EMPOWR™ Hip & Knee Systems


Enovis’ ARVIS® Awarded the AAHKS Industry Innovation Award at the 2022 American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeons Annual Meeting

Today (November 10, 2022) Enovis Corporation (NYSE: ENOV), an innovation-driven medical technology company, announced that the company’s ARVIS® Augmented Reality Surgical Guidance System received the Industry Innovation Award at this year’s American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) Annual Meeting. This annual award recognizes cutting-edge innovation in products, procedures and services in the field of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty.

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Enovis Completes Acquisition of Insight Medical Systems

WILMINGTON, DE, JULY 6, 2022 Enovis™ Corporation (NYSE: ENOV), an innovation-driven, medical technology growth company, announced that it has acquired Insight Medical Systems, a technology company dedicated to reimagining orthopedic surgical guidance. Insight’s flagship solution, ARVIS®, is the only FDA-cleared augmented reality solution precisely engineered for the specific needs of hip and knee replacement surgery. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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Enovis Launches ARVIS®, Only Augmented Reality Surgical Guidance System Designed Specifically to Improve Both Total Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

WILMINGTON, Del., July 19, 2022 - Today, Enovis (NYSE: ENOV), an innovation-driven medical technology company, announced the commercial launch of ARVIS® (Augmented Reality Visualization and Information System) with over 200 cases successfully completed in the U.S. This FDA-cleared system is the only proprietary, real-time, hands-free augmented reality (AR) technology precisely engineered for orthopedic surgeons, so they can visualize precision guidance when performing hip and knee surgery with the support of AR.

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