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Our extensive range of products and solutions

Our products cover a wide range of foot and ankle solutions from total ankle replacement and innovative static fixation to sustained dynamic compression and fusion all designed to keep pace with the needs of surgeons and save time in the OR. 4

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A comprehensive plating portfolio designed with proven technology to address all types of fusions, fractures, and osteotomies in the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot. The Arsenal Ankle Fracture System addresses both tri-malleolar and intra-articular fracture patterns.

Nail Systems

The DynaNail Family utilize internal NiTiNOL elements to provide sustained dynamic compression across fusion sites, providing better fusion rates compared to traditional, static devices.1,2,3

Staple Systems

The DynaClip staple family features versatile designs, multiple configurations, and numerous size offerings that allow for dependable durability and sustained dynamic compression across a broad range of Foot & Ankle applications.

Screw Systems

The cannulated screw portfolio provides options in titanium alloy ranging in diameters of 2.0mm to 7.0mm. The screws are self-drilling and self-tapping and available in headed or headless options. The portfolio also includes snap-off screws designed for fixation and various osteotomies.


Our biologics portfolio offers a range of innovative solutions aimed at promoting faster healing and enhancing tissue repair in foot and ankle surgeries.

External Fixation

The Enovis EF1 External Fixation System is a cutting-edge solution designed to provide surgeons with a versatile family of products to address a wide range of foot and ankle pathologies.

Hammertoe Correction

Portfolio provides 2 different hammertoe correction options and anatomical reamers for joint arthrodesis tissue removal.


The Pecaplasty® System delivers reproducible outcomes in percutaneous bunion correction. The instrument helps navigate the challenges of the procedure by controlling translation and providing accurate placement of the guide wires. Peca Implants are used to fasten and stabilize the correction during the healing process.

Soft Tissue

Our soft tissue portfolio provides a diverse array of innovative solutions aimed at the restoration and transformation of soft tissue fixation.

Continued Product Innovation to Keep You Moving Forward

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We are built on a history of launching high-tech foot and ankle solutions and acquiring innovative technologies since our creation in 2020. We are moving fast with thoughtful speed, and are committed to growing, innovating and saving time. This is the fast lane.

The DynaNail® is an unrivaled orthopaedic device and my implant of choice for hindfoot arthrodeses. No other hindfoot fusion device allows for intra-operative compression and accounts for post-operative bone resorption by maintaining active compression. It’s amazing to ‘see’ the DynaNail at work!
Samuel Adams, MD
Durham, NC
I believe in the concept of sustained dynamic compression to achieve bony fusion. With our studies here in Idaho, an earlier generation IM nail for tibiotalarcalcaneal arthrodesis yielded a combined fusion rate for the ankle and subtalar joints of 65%. The DynaNail with its NiTiNOL compressive element is showing a combined fusion rate of 93%. Any reduction in the numbers of nonunions is a victory in my book.
Christopher Hirose, MD
Boise, ID

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