Electronic Data Interchange

Welcome to DJO’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) request and information page

Here you can gather information on: EDI setup, request to be set up via our request form, and gather other documents to begin your EDI mapping with us.

In order to expedite this process please make sure to fill out the EDI Trading Partner Onboarding Request Form completely and submit along with the Item Template and the Ship to Template and your Data & Implementation Guides. Once we receive all of the above we will create the maps and contact you to schedule a date to begin testing.

If you have questions on whether or not your system is compatible to set up EDI or you have specific questions regarding the forms or sample EDI Documents please send your inquiries over to our support team at: DJOEDISupport@djoglobal.com

On-boarding Request Form    Item Template    Ship to Template

EDI Onboarding FAQs:

Q. What are the list of the current EDI transactions that you support?

A. The available transactions are:

Q. What Networks do you partner with?

A. These are our connectivity options:

  • GHX (US)
    • If you are a GHX member, please submit a boarding request to onboard
  • VAN (Sterling)
  • AS2 (https)

Q. How long can I expect for implementation?

A: Once we receive your completed request, we will reply to you with an estimate within 1 week.

Q. Who can I contact for additional support?

A: For additional questions or support contact Melissa Pickrell at DJOEDISupport@djoglobal.com or at 760-473-2280.