Forefoot Solutions

Tiger Cannulated Screw System - Screws Standing
The Tiger Cannulated Screw Systems include self drilling, self tapping lag screws offered in a comprehensive range of sizes to tackle indications covering the forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot and ankle as well as diverse patient anatomies.

The Two-Step Hammer Toe Implant is a cannulated, titanium alloy, interphalangeal joint arthrodesis implant for fusions of the DIPJ and PIPJ with temporary st

The Minimally Invasive Bunion (M.I.B.) Plating System is a unique approach to triplanar hallux valgus correction. The M.I.B.

The 3S Hemi Implant System consists of a cobalt chromium (CoCrMo) implant to replace the articulating surface of the proximal phalanx of the first metatarsop

Arsenal Foot Plating System
The Arsenal Foot Plating System arms surgeons with Variable Angle Locking Implants with Dual-lead screws (VALID™), a powerful combination of patented and innovative technologies.