Justin Sportsmedicine Team

The Justin Sportsmedicine Team has selected DJO® as an official medical supplier.

From its modest beginnings from the back of a pickup truck at 10 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) sanctioned rodeos and just 775 contestants treated in 1981, the Justin Sportsmedicine Team currently provides service to over 125 PRCA rodeos annually, while treating some 6,000 rodeo related injuries and illnesses.

Bull riding has been the event in which most athletes are injured, followed by bareback riding and saddle bronc riding.

The knee is the most often injured anatomical site in calf roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding and among bullfighters/clowns. The majority of these injuries involve running, planting the foot or landing on the ground. Bull riders are more likely to sustain injuries to their head or face, commonly from colliding with the head or horns of the bull. Bareback bronc riders injure their shoulders, hands and elbows, in that order, because of the tremendous stresses on the riding arm.