DJO, LLC, an Enovis Company, Acquires Assets of Outcome-Based Technologies, LLC


Wilmington, DE, May 24, 2022 — Enovis Corporation (“Enovis” or the “Company”) (NYSE: ENOV), an innovation-driven medical technology growth company, announced today that its subsidiary, DJO, LLC, has acquired the assets of Outcome-Based Technologies, LLC. The move builds upon the DJO® (now part of Enovis) legacy of bracing innovation, and specifically in the fast-growing hip bracing category.

 “The acquisition of the EXCYABIR™ hip brace and the CryoKnee™ knee brace provides innovative bracing solutions to healthcare providers and patients alike,” said Jason Anderson, President Bracing and Supports. “We are pleased to welcome EXCYABIR and CryoKnee to the DonJoy® brand. We are confident these products will help grow our bracing business.”

“The flagship EXCYABIR hip brace is an innovative, modular hip brace with capability to integrate cold therapy,” said Don LoGuercio, President, Outcome-Based Technologies. “There are about 200,000 hip arthroscopies done every year in the US, and we believe EXCYABIR hip braces offer a unique solution. We are thrilled that Enovis will help bring this technology to more providers and their patients.”

The EXCYABIR hip brace is designed to increase patient compliance through a lower-profile design and ease of use for patients. The brace features modular components to allow for specific protocols to be ordered for each patient. The soft component of the brace offers unique strapping that allows for enhanced range of motion restrictions at the hip. The brace integrates an option to add stronger pain management via cold therapy that can be paired with the brace.

About Enovis™

Enovis Corporation (NYSE: ENOV) is an innovation-driven medical technology growth company dedicated to developing clinically differentiated solutions that generate measurably better patient outcomes and transform workflows. Powered by a culture of continuous improvement, global talent and innovation, the Company’s extensive range of products, services and integrated technologies fuel active lifestyles in orthopedics and beyond. For more information about Enovis, please visit

About DJO

DJO has been part of Colfax Corporation for the past three years, leveraging Colfax’s financial strength and cornerstone principle of continuous improvement to drive growth and innovation. DJO and Colfax have begun the next phase of a remarkable growth journey together – as Enovis, a company solely focused on medical technology. Over time, the DJO brand name also will transition to Enovis, which stands for innovation and vision.

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