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X-ROM iQ Getting Started

Lesson Overview
Create a Motion iQ account, install the app and pair your XROM iQ knee brace with the app to perform your guided exercise sessions.

SRB iQ - Getting Started

Lesson Overview
Create a Motion iQ account, install the app and pair your SRB knee sleeve with the app to perform your guided exercise sessions.

Exercising with Motion iQ

Lesson Overview
The Motion iQ® app provides customized exercise routines designed by your provider. See how the exercise program works and how to leave feedback.

Setting Goals, Reminders, and “My Stats”

Lesson Overview
Set short and long-term goals, set up reminders to exercise and view your progress in the Motion iQ app.

X-ROM iQ Fitting & Cleaning

Lesson Overview
Be sure your XROM iQ knee brace fits properly to provide the most accurate ROM readings in the Motion iQ app and get tips to clean it.

SRB iQ Fitting & Cleaning

Lesson Overview
Be sure your SRB knee sleeve fits properly to provide the most accurate ROM readings in the Motion iQ app and get tips to clean it.

Adding a New Provider

Lesson Overview
Add new providers such as a physical therapist or athletic trainer to your Motion iQ care team.

Troubleshooting Device Pairing

Lesson Overview
If you are having difficulty pairing or syncing your brace with Motion iQ, these troubleshooting tips can help.

Troubleshooting Device Syncing

Lesson Overview

X-ROM iQ Pairing

Lesson Overview

SRB iQ Pairing

Lesson Overview


Getting Started

How do I create an account?

Your physician will add you to Motion iQ and then you will receive an email invitation from “Motion iQ Recovery Made Simple” asking you to create your account.

You will:

  1. Create a password.
  2. Set up goals.
  3. Be directed to the application.

How do I download and sign in to the Motion iQ app?

  1. Search for Motion iQ by DJO in either the Google Play™ or Apple App Store® on your device.
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. Type in your username/email address and password on the login page of the app.

How do I pair the brace with the app?

  1. Log in to your account on the app.
  2. When prompted to start pairing, tap on the picture of your brace. (If not prompted, use the menu icon to go to the “My Smart Devices” page and tap on the pair button below the brace picture to go to the pairing page.)
  3. Select “Pair” on the pairing screen.
  4. Press and release the pairing button on the right side of the hinge.
  5. Accept the pairing request when prompted by your mobile device.
  6. Congratulations, you’re paired!

Brace Questions

Where can I find the user manual?

Refer to the instructions for use (IFU) that came with your brace or download the IFUs from thier respective product pages.

How do the brace and app work together?

The brace hinge contains electronics that allow the brace to communicate via Bluetooth technology. Data such as steps and range of motion is recorded by the brace. The Motion iQ app collects the brace data each time you launch the app and delivers that data to a web portal accessed by your provider

Can I charge my brace?

No, the X-ROM iQ and SRB iQ are powered by a replaceable coin cell lithium battery in the hinge.

How often should I replace the battery on my brace?

The battery life is 4 to 6 weeks depending on how much you use the app and brace. You can view an indicator of your current battery level in the app by selecting the “My Smart Devices” option from the main menu.

Should I turn off my brace?

Your smart device does not turn off and on. The battery powers on with movement in the hinge and powers down on its own when the hinge is idle.

How do I fit my brace?

Please refer to the fitting video in the Motion iQ app or visit the DJO Global website at X-ROM | DJO Global.

Can I wear my brace while sleeping?

The X-ROM iQ brace is worn immediately after surgery and can be worn while sleeping: however, contact your physician for your specific post-operative instructions. The SRB iQ is made with a compressive material and should not be worn to bed.

Can I shower with the brace?

No. The brace and its components should not get wet.

How do I ice my knee while in the brace?

You can remove the SRB iQ when icing your knee. When wearing the X-ROM iQ, unclip each strap and open the brace so that it is flat under your leg. Cold therapy can then be applied.

App Questions

Why is my activity only a few minutes?

Activity is calculated by the amount of time you walk in the brace, so if you only wear your brace to do the exercise sessions, the activity time will be very low.

How do I refresh the data if I see no activity

  1. Make sure that you have a data connection on your device.
  2. Shut down the app.
  3. Bend the brace as you log back into the app so that the brace can sync with the app and refresh any data stored in the hinge.

Can more than one person use the app?

No, each user has a unique Motion iQ invitation and program. The provider assigns a specific pathway based on their injury and/or procedure.

Can I add a provider or care team member?

Yes, just select the “My Providers” button in the menu and give the provider the invitation code that is listed on the screen. They will enter that code here: Tech support will contact you to confirm that you would like to add the provider.

Can I use the Motion iQ app without the brace?

Yes, the app can be used without the brace to record your exercise sessions. However, your provider will receive no specific recovery data.

How do I change my short- and long-term goals?

This can be done in the “Recovery Settings” page of the app.

How long can I use the app?

This depends on the length of your specific protocol. At the top of your Home page you should see the amount of time left in your protocol. Most protocols are around 35 weeks.

How do I unpair a brace?

Select the brace in the “My Smart Devices” page and tap the “Unpair” button. Do not use the “Remove” button as this will remove the brace completely from your app, and you will be unable to recover or re-pair it.

How do I reset my password?

Tap on the “Forgot your Password” link on the login page of the app and enter your email address when prompted. A link to create a new password should be sent to your email.

Do I need to update firmware?

If a firmware update is required, the installation will automatically start when you navigate to the “Home” page on the app. The update will take approximately 60 seconds.

How can I delete my account?

If you have finished your rehabilitation and feel you no longer need to use the app or brace, contact your provider, and ask them to change your status to “Completed” in the provider portal.

Exercise/Session Questions

Can I see all of my exercises?

Yes, you can go to the “Today’s Session” page of the app and see all exercises for your current phase of the protocol.

Can I do more exercise than what is being shown to me?

Yes, your provider may give you exercises in addition to those in the exercise session.

How many sessions can I do per day?

The app will allow as many sessions as you would like. However, check with your provider on the amount of sessions you should be doing per day and follow their instructions.

How can I disable or enable exercise text reminders in the app?

  1. Log in to the app and select “Recovery Settings” from the   icon. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. To enable SMS exercise notifications, make sure your phone number is added.
  3. Select each of the days you would olke to receive the reminders and enter the time those reminders should be sent.
  4. Tap the “Save” button to finish.

To remove exercise notifications, tap on each highlighted day and tap “Save” to finish.

What does “range of motion” mean?

Range of motion (ROM) is the full movement potential of a body part. In the case of the knee, flexion is bending the knee and extension is straightening the knee.

What does “knee bent” and “knee straight” mean?

“Knee bent” is the average amount of knee flexion while you are walking in the brace. “Knee straight” is the average amount of knee extension while you are walking.

Where can I see my stats?

On the “Home” page, tap the “View stats” button. It will take you to a page with all of the graphs and surveys for your recovery.

Support and Troubleshooting Questions

What if my brace will not connect to the app?

Check to see if your Bluetooth is turned on in your device and you have a strong data connection. Force-close the app and bend the brace back and forth before logging in to the app. If you still cannot connect, contact Product Support at (844)279-0200 or email

Who do I contact if something on my brace isn’t working?

Please contact DJO Customer Care at (800)336-6569 for Returns and Quality Issues.

If I have questions about my brace or the Motion iQ app, who do I contact?

Product Support should be able to answer brace and basic technical questions. Contact them by phone at (844)279-0200 or email

How do I get replacement parts?

Please contact DJO Customer Care for replacement parts for the X-ROM iQ at (800)336-6569.

What is your warranty policy?

The brace and all components have a six-month warranty for manufacturer defects that does not include normal wear and tear.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only sell the Motion iQ and the connected braces in the US only.

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