Orthopedic Surgery Specialists Becomes The First Ambulatory Surgical Center To Adopt the DJO® OaraScore™ Patient Safety Algorithm

Burbank, CA surgical practice adopts the DJO® OaraScore™ to ensure patient safety for outpatient joint replacement procedures

AUSTIN, TX, APRIL 10, 2019 – DJO®, a leading provider of medical technologies designed to get and keep people moving, announced today that Orthopedic Surgery Specialists of Burbank, California has become the first surgical practice in the U.S. to officially adopt the DJO OaraScore™ patient safety algorithm to help determine which patients are medically appropriate for outpatient joint replacement surgery.

“Driven by improvements in medical techniques as well as evolving patient expectations, total joint arthroplasty has become one of the fastest growing outpatient surgical procedures across the U.S.,” said Jeff McCaulley, Global President of DJO Surgical®.  “DJO is building the strongest portfolio of solutions to assist surgeons in performing outpatient joint replacement procedures with world-class safety and outcomes, and the OaraScore is a unique and exclusive DJO algorithm to help surgeons confirm which patients will be most suitable for outpatient joint replacement surgery.”

According to Becker’s Healthcare, a leading industry publication, more than half of all joint replacement surgeries will be performed in an outpatient facility by 20261.

“Surgeons generally have a good sense of which patients will do well in an outpatient or rapid discharge environment, and the DJO OaraScore enhances their assessment capabilities by adding a scientifically sound and consistent approach to risk stratification,” said Charles Young, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for DJO Surgical.  “Orthopedic Surgery Specialists has been a pioneer in outpatient joint replacement surgery, and their early adoption of the DJO OaraScore is further evidence of their commitment to providing their patients with the safest surgery as well as the most rapid and effective recovery possible.”

The DJO OaraScore is the only clinically validated, peer reviewed risk stratification tool for total joint arthroplasty.2,3,4  It is an easy-to-use software system specifically designed to help orthopedic surgeons provide the most consistent and comprehensive assessment information needed to assess which patients are most medically appropriate for outpatient. 

“Orthopedic Surgery Specialists was one of the first surgery centers in the country to perform outpatient joint surgery, and we’ve been doing it safely for more than 10 years,” said Dr. Stephan Yacoubian.  “Due to the incredible projected demand for these procedures over the next several years, determining which patients are medically appropriate for outpatient surgery becomes even more critical.”

“Based on research published in the Journal of Arthroplasty, the DJO OaraScore is by far the most predictive tool to help surgeons determine which patients will perform best for outpatient joint replacement surgery, and OSS is proud to be the first surgical center in the U.S. to adopt this valuable tool,” said Dr. Shahan Yacoubian. “With the DJO OaraScore, our team at OSS will continue to provide the safest and most rapid recovery for our patients.”

For more information about the DJO OaraScore, please visit djoglobal.com/oarascore.

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1. https://www.beckersasc.com/asc-turnarounds-ideas-to-improve-performance/16-things-to-know-about-outpatient-total-joint-replacements-and-ascs.html
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Dr. Stephan Yacoubian is a paid consultant for DJO®. Dr. Shahan Yacoubian is a paid consultant for DJO®.
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