Enovis Growth Excellence

Our unique business management system guides the way we operate. It is a repeatable, teachable process that allows us to create superior value for our customers, our shareholders, and our associates.

How it works.

Enovis Growth Excellence (EGX) provides the tools, techniques, and values that ensure we are continuously improving our ability to meet or exceed customer requirements each and every day. EGX leverages our culture of continuous improvement to rapidly uncover and execute growth opportunities. It is a teachable and repeatable process that creates value for all stakeholders. It is our DNA.


We identify the right tools to define and solve problems, apply lean practices, promote growth, and improve business operations.


We drive improvement by applying our core EGX processes, learning from the results, and adapting as needed.


We foster collaboration to build a deep culture of continuous improvement across all our business teams.

EGX is based on a combination of the successful Colfax Business System (CBS) and processes from DJO, empowering and enabling our talented people to drive continuous improvement and consistent growth. Similar to CBS, our new EGX system is purpose-driven and values-based, but it’s much more focused on executing the strategies and processes that will accelerate our growth and expansion efforts in the MedTech space.

It embraces a more balanced commercial and operations approach so there are winning tools for everyone around the company – not just those employees who work in a production environment.


Voice-of-customer research

Each year, Enovis associates develop strategic plans based on customer insight research. We know listening and understanding are the best ways to provide them with the world-class quality, delivery, and growth they require. This voice-of-customer research allows our businesses to have a clear picture of our market realities, our threats, our risks, our opportunities, and ultimately, our path forward.

EGX delivers results

We apply the principles of EGX at all of our locations around the world to drive continuous improvement while creating superior value for our stakeholders. From voice-of-customer research to Kaizen at Gemba walks Growth Bridges to management processes, EGX offers a variety of flexible and effective resources that deliver powerful results – regardless of geography or business platform.


EGX at work

DJO used an 5S program – a Enovis Growth Excellence management tool that focuses on the importance of “sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain” to improve operations at the Austin manufacturing plant while continuing to meet daily production demands.


EGX at work.

In 2020, Enovis evaluated the packaging process at our Bogota plant to improve efficiency and safety conditions while meeting daily production demands. After evaluating the use of an operator who used a tool to align electrodes, Enovis improved this process with an automatic device. Enovis also decided to move devices such as printers, computers, and trays closer to the operation areas where they are used, which improved efficiency. Other improvements that were made included the adjustment of pathways to avoid incidents, the removal of exposed anchors in the floor, and the elimination of accumulated product in the electrode inventory line. The results of these enhancements included increased productivity and improvement in ergonomic conditions.

Establishing a foundation for success

Over time, Enovis Growth Excellence has allowed us to maintain a key focus on our customers, set aggressive targets, and grow organically. The systematic methodology that EGX provides helps ensure we can execute and sustain every business long-term by keeping continuous improvement at the center of everything we do.


Discover our guiding values.

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