DJO Global Announces Exit of Empi Business

Read our press release to learn more.

Healthcare Professionals and Clinics, click here for information related to this Empi announcement.

Please Note: Prescriptions for Empi products were accepted until November 17, 2015. New prescriptions for Empi products will no longer be accepted. All paperwork for billing on Empi products must have been submitted as complete by November 20, 2015. The last date to purchase products through Empi was December 16, 2015.

Cross Reference Materials to Ease the Transition:

Below is information regarding Empi products and other compatible products that the DJO Global family of brands sell.

Empi Patients:

Please click here to read the letter sent to Empi Patients regarding DJO Global's exit of the Empi business.

Private Insurance Patients
You can contact your insurance company to locate another approved supplier to meet your needs. As an alternative, if you are prepared to be personally responsible for payment, you can simply order Compex brand electrodes through our website noted below under the heading “All Patients.”

Medicare Patients
If you have internet access, you can visit www.Medicare.gov. Scroll down the page to the bottom left and click on “Find suppliers of medical equipment & supplies” and follow the instructions. As a Medicare beneficiary you have the right to choose any supplier participating in Medicare that you believe will meet your needs. If you do not have internet access, please call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227 for assistance in choosing an accredited supplier in your area.

All Patients
Please note that our affiliated Compex product portfolio includes a line of electrodes that are compatible with Empi devices. If you wish to purchase these electrodes out of pocket, you may visit our website at donjoystore.com/Empi.

Please keep in mind, however, that if you purchase your electrodes through this website, Medicare and other insurance companies will not pay for them and you will be personally and fully responsible for payment. If you are already self-paying for your electrodes (for example, if you are a Medicare patient with Chronic Low Back Pain or you do not have insurance,) this website offers an easy and convenient way to purchase your electrodes. We look forward to providing you with your Compex brand electrodes going forward if you wish to pursue this self-pay option.

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