With lacrosse growing in popularity, the overall injury rate of this high-impact sport is on the rise. While many athletes are at risk of concussions and other head injuries, other common injuries include knee and ankle.1 As injury rates climb, it is even more important to focus on prevention and protective equipment.

As the Official Sports Brace of USA Lacrosse & the U.S. National Teams since 2017, DJO® is proud to support U.S. National Teams players with bracing and durable goods products.

Here’s how some of the team’s high-performing athletes have been able to recover and return to the sport they love with the help of DJO products.

Megan Douty

Member of U.S. National Team since 2014
World Cup Champion, 2017
All-World Team, 2017

“I have been wearing ankle braces while competing in athletics, for over a decade. After spraining my ankles countless times, from soccer and lacrosse, in order to compete at my greatest potential, these braces were a necessity. DonJoy ankle braces have allowed me to feel safe while playing the sport I love. They have supported me through the toughest tryouts, the hardest losses, and through the greatest wins and championships on the national and international level.”

“Because of DonJoy, I am fearless on the field and more confident than ever.”

Kylie Ohlmiller

Member of U.S. National Team since 2016

“I began my journey with DonJoy braces when I tore the meniscus in my knee, had a meniscal repair done and endured a very tight three-month protocol to return to full play in an important training weekend. Lacrosse is a physical sport involving a lot of cutting and planting in different directions. I felt secure and safe in the Playmaker brace when it came time to play three months out of surgery. As I continued through the rehab process, I graduated to the Trizone brace, which is one that I swear by. It gives the perfect amount of compression and security, without getting in the way of my movements out on the field. The DonJoy braces have helped me to feel confident on the field by taking the worry away from my injuries and allowed me to focus solely on the game at play!”

Michelle Tumolo

Member of U.S. National Team since 2010
World Cup Champion, 2017
All-World Team, 2017

“In my senior year at Syracuse, I tore my ACL in my 13th game of the season. I had never been sidelined from an injury before, especially not one that would end my college playing career. As devastating as it was, I could not wait to get back on the field. I am so thankful for my trainers who provided me with the best treatment and recovery tools.”

“In 2013, I was fitted for a DonJoy knee brace, which I wore before and after my surgery. It helped provide me with the confidence I needed during a difficult physical and mental time. With the stability and support the DonJoy provided, I was able to continue to train prior to my surgery, allowing me to build the necessary strength in my quad that wound inevitably allow me to return much faster in my recovery. Again, with much thanks to my knee brace, I was walking in my first week post-op, and truly believe that my recovery to full strength was expedited by the sense of stability and security my brace provided.”

“After completing my initial phase of recovery, my trainers transitioned me into a Trizone Knee Sleeve. This product continued to provide a sense of stability and confidence in my knee, and with its slimmer profile allowed me to maneuver in the shifty ways that I was used to prior to my injury. I truly believe in these products as I have been injury free for six years and have returned to playing at the highest level.”

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USA Lacrosse is a partner of DJO. DJO does not directly sponsor individual National Team athletes.
1. https://www.upmc.com/services/sports-medicine/for-athletes/lacrosse