Break the pain loop with our DonJoy® Advantage EME Collection, designed to help provide pain relief on the go using pulsed electromagnetic therapy, compression, and support without restricting movement.

Experience pain relief on the go with EME! The device can be applied to anywhere on the body for pain relief you can wear and return to everyday activity. Our lightweight, low-profile wraps for the knee and back are easy to apply and adjustable for your convenience!

How It Works:

Powerful ActiPatch® (pulsed shortwave therapy) technology produces sensation-free electromagnetic pulses that penetrate deep into soft tissue, helping to calm hypersensitive nerves and relieve pain caused by musculoskeletal injury and osteoarthritis.

  • ActiPatch® technology clinically proven to help provide pain relief
  • Regulates the activity of sensitized nerves to help reduce abnormal pain signaling
  • Produces 1,000 sensation-free electromagnetic pulses per second
  • Provides 720 hours of relief; on/off switch to customize treatment
  • Treatment area is within the loop
  • Easy to apply, slip-on sleeve design with adjustable thigh and calf straps
  • Fits both the right and left knee
EME Device

Both our EME Knee and Back Wraps include an EME Device and instructions on applying and activating the device.

The EME Device can be purchased and worn separately. This can be adhered to wherever you are experiencing pain with adhesive bandages, wrap bandages, kinesiology tape, and more!

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