AirHeel/DNS Care Kit - Round the Clock Relief

AirHeel/DNS Care Kit
AirHeel/DNS Care Kit

AirHeel™/DNS Care Kit - Round the Clock Relief

Provide relief from plantar fasciitis around the clock. The unique Aircast AirHeel is clinically proven to provide comfort and massaging relief during the day. Two interconnected aircells, located under the foot arch and at the back of the heel, apply pulsating compression with every step to help reduce swelling and discomfort and enhance circulation. The AirHeel is made of lightweight, breathable fabric, and is simple to apply and to adjust with one strap.

At night, the Aircast Dorsal Night Splint helps relieve pain and provide optimal comfort. Customize flexion with the dorsiflexion strap allows. The thermoformed shell liner and anatomically designed footpad maximize comfort. Optional toe strap is included to secure fit within the forefoot area.

Ideal for: Plantar fasciitis

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  • Two interconnected aircells located under foot arch and back of heel

    Pulsating compression while walking helps reduce swelling, relieve pain and enhance circulation

  • Simple to apply and adjust with one strap

    Made of lightweight, breathable fabric

  • Dorsiflexion strap

    Allows for a custom stretch during the night

  • Thermoformed shell liner and anatomically designed footpad

    Provides optimal comfort and ease of use

  • Universal fit

    Fits left or right foot

Ordering Information

Shoe Size

Part Number Men Women Size
09PKS Up to 7 Up to 8.5 Small
09PKM 7.5 - 10 9 - 11 Medium
09PKL 10.5 + 11.5 + Large