Dorsal Night Splint

Aircast Dorsal Night Splint - On Leg
Aircast Dorsal Night Splint - On Leg

Dorsal Night Splint

Treat plantar fasciitis with tailored dorsiflexion, an anatomically designed forefoot pad and a thermoformed liner for pain relief and maximum comfort. Customize the stretch with the dorsiflexion adjustment strap; optional toe assist strap included to secure toes within the forefoot area. Easily apply with anterior shell design and flexible hinge. Use on right or left foot.

Ideal for: Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.


PDAC Assigned Code: L4396 and L4397

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  • Optimal dorsiflexion adjustment

    Provide custom stretch with single dorsiflexion adjustment strap and quick-release tab

  • Thermoformed shell liner and anatomically designed forefoot pad

    Cradle the foot and ankle for enhanced comfort and compliance

  • Optional “assist” strap

    Secure the toes within the forefoot area

  • Flexible hinge design

    Easy to apply and use

  • Three-point softgood adjustment

    Allows the splint to slide on like a sock


Ordering Information

Shoe Size
Part Number Description Men Women Size
09DS Dorsal Night Splint 5 - 9.5 6 - 10.5 S / M
09DL Dorsal Night Splint 10 - 14 11 - 15 L / XL


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