Airlock Small Joint Reamers

Airlock Small Joint Reamers
Airlock Small Joint Reamers

Airlock® Small Joint Reamers

Ø18mm | Ø20mm | Ø22mm

The Airlock Concave and Convex Reamers provide cup and cone arthrodesis for accurate preparation of bone surfaces. Airlock Reamers feature aggressive, high-performance cutting technology.

Pairing seamlessly with the Airlock Plates and Nexis Small Cannulated Screws, they provide a complete solution for treating a variety of small joint indications.

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Airlock Concave and Convex Reamers

Novastep offers a full range of cannulated, AO compatible Concave / Convex Reamer sizes to facilitate precise cutting and joint surface contouring to provide a complete system for joint preparation in the treatment of 1st MTP pathologies.

Usage of these precisely engineered reamers in combination with the appropriate Airlock Plates, permits reduction, compression and locking of the 1st MTP joint in optimal position for arthrodesis.

The Airlock Small Joint Reamer platform includes an interchangeable instrument caddy and Ø1.6mm Guide Wires.

A AIRLOCK® Convex Reamer Ø18
B AIRLOCK® Concave Reamer Ø18
C AIRLOCK® Convex Reamer Ø20
D AIRLOCK® Concave Reamer Ø20
E AIRLOCK® Convex Reamer Ø22
F AIRLOCK® Concave Reamer Ø22
G Guide Wire for Reamers Ø1.6mm