DonJoy FULLFORCE - Right 3/4 View
DonJoy FULLFORCE - Right 3/4 View


Combines DonJoy's proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System™ with our patented FourcePoint™ hinge technology, the most powerful and clinically-proven solutions available to protect the ACL1,2. Created for all activity levels, FULLFORCE's sleek, low profile and exceptionally light weight have made it the go-to prefabricated brace for competitive and recreational athletes of all kinds.

Learn the facts about bracing for ACL treatment and prevention.

PDAC Assigned Code: L1845 and L1852

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Your options for managing your ACL injury depend on several factors, including how severe the injury is and your lifestyle. Read More...

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DonJoy FULLFORCE Knee Brace Overview


Knee Ligament Injuries


DonJoy Functional Knee Brace Fitting Guide

  • Backed by DonJoy's Knee Guarantee Program™, an industry first for prefabricated bracing
  • 1-year warranty on frame and hinges
  • Clinically-proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System
  • Patented clinically-proven FourcePoint hinge technology
  • Internally mounted swiveling strap tabs help accommodate leg movement
  • Swooping thigh cuff for inner thigh clearance and bilateral brace use
  • Strong, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame

Ordering Information

Part Number Ligament Hinge Calf Length Leg
11-0258-x ACL FourcePoint Standard Right
11-0259-x ACL FourcePoint Standard Left
11-3220-x ACL FourcePoint Short Right
11-3221-x ACL FourcePoint Short Left
11-0264-x CI FourcePoint Standard Right
11-0265-x CI FourcePoint Standard Left
11-3222-x CI FourcePoint Short Right
11-3223-x CI FourcePoint Short Left


Part Number Description Size
11-0075-x-00000 Lycra Suspension Sleeve S - XXL
11-0122-x Neoprene Suspension Sleeve XS - XXL
11-1006-x-06000 Impact Guard S - XXL
11-1367-9-06000 Calf Pinch Guard Universal
11-0956-0-06000 Supra Condyle Pad Universal
11-0398-9-00000 Full Extension Stop Universal
25-0422-0-00000 Flexion Stop Kit Universal
25-2428 Mesh Brace Bag Universal
11-0016-x-06000 Sports Brace Cover (standard) S - XXL
11-1525-x Tru-Pull Advance Attachment XS - XXXL
11-1415 Sili-Grip Strap Pad Kit Universal
11-0543-x-06000 Neoprene Suspension Strap Kit 1 = XS, 2 = S/M, 3 = L/XL/XXL
Strap Kit  
Short R/L 11-1052-X-06000
Standard R/L 11-1474-X
Strap Pads & Liners  
Standard Right 11-1192-X
Standard Left 11-1193-X
Short Right 11-1469-X
Short Left 11-1470-X

*Custom fabricated knee brace measurements from the CCMI measurement tool are NOT equivalent to off-the-shelf brace measurements.

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