Hinged Air DonJoy

Hinged Air DonJoy - On Knee
Hinged Air DonJoy - On Knee

Hinged Air DonJoy®

The DonJoy Hinged Air is designed to treat and ease pain associated with patellofemoral malalignment, chondromalacia and tendonitis plus medial/lateral instabilities and post-operative meniscectomies. The brace  features an inflatable pneumatic buttress for medial, lateral or full patellar support, thus the reference to "air" in it's name. It is constructed with Drytex, a neoprene alternative that allows for improved air flow.

Indication: Chondromalacia; Patellar tendonitis; Hyperextension, medial/lateral support

  • Features & Benefits
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  • Inflatable buttress for medial, lateral, or full patellar stabilization
  • Polycentric hinges offer medial/lateral support and flexion/extension control
  • Wraparound thigh and sleeve calf design facilitates ease of application/removal
  • Cool and breathable Drytex® construction
  • Superior/inferior straps for compression and support

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Size
11-0855-x-06000 Right or Left, Popliteal Cutout, Hinges XS - XXL