IsoFORM LO Plus - 3/4 View
IsoFORM LO Plus - Coldpac
IsoFORM LO Plus - 3/4 View
IsoFORM LO Plus - Coldpac


Similar design as the LO option with an anterior panel to help with more trunk support.

Indications: Acute and chronic low back pain, sciatica, lower back sprains or strains, lumbar disc displacement, osteoporosis, disc herniation and degeneration, post-operative laminectomy, post-operative discectomy, spondylolisthesis, pre and post-surgical care

PDAC Assigned Code: L0627 and L0642

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Comfortable compression for lower back stability and support

Adjustable pull tabs help provide targeted compression and help reduce rotation of brace. The pull tab system independently tightens top and bottom allowing patients to localize compression.

Low-profile design is easy to apply and remove. The semi-universal sizing and adjustable belt wings allow clinicians to easily customize the fit for a wide range of patients.


DonJoy IsoFORM LO+ Back Brace Patient Application


DonJoy IsoFORM LO+ Back Brace Clinician Application

Range of Spinal Support

Range of support

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Size
11-1694-2 IsoFORM LO+ S/M — 28 - 48” (71 - 122 cm)
11-1694-4 IsoFORM LO+ L/XL — 48 - 60” (122 - 152cm)
11-1699 Hot/Cold Pack Accessory Can be used on LO through LSO+ product offerings