Kelvi Pro-e

Kelvi Pro e - Back
Kelvi Pro-e - Shoulder
Kelvi Pro-e - Knee
Kelvi Pro-e - Ankle
Kelvi Pro-e - w/Handle
Kelvi Pro e - Bag
Kelvi Pro-e - Lifestyle
Kelvi Pro e - Back
Kelvi Pro-e - Shoulder
Kelvi Pro-e - Knee
Kelvi Pro-e - Ankle
Kelvi Pro-e - w/Handle
Kelvi Pro e - Bag
Kelvi Pro-e - Lifestyle

Kelvi™ Proe

Cooling, Heating & Contrast Therapy

The Kelvi™ PROe is the smaller, portable unit in the Kelvi Pro series. With a simple, interactive display, and expanded features, the evolution of Kelvi technology is bringing more efficient Cooling, Heating, and Contrast therapy to home, clinic, and sports medicine facilities.

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  • Thermometers embedded in each KelviTec™ tile, measure skin temperature to ensure desired treatment temperature.
  • Continuous “biofeedback” loop from wrap to console.
  • Rapid comfortable transition from cold to hot with adjustable pressure to fit as needed.


  • Exact temperature is maintained during the entire treatment.
  • Performs clean, portable, and accurate cold, heat, and contrast therapy.
  • Can prescribe temperature settings for Cooling (39-59F) and Heating (95-108F).


  • Easy to use pre-set treatment options on the console.
  • Option to create custom protocols using the Kelvi clinician app that can be pushed directly to the patient (run on the console using Bluetooth).
  • Digital device keeps the skin dry, no ice, water, or solution required.

Continuous biofeedback loop.

Digital Thermometer embedded in KelviTEC™.

Exact Treatment, Temperature and Time

Digital therapy provides countless options for treatment.

Mobile App available to further customize treatments.

No Ice, no water, no chemicals, no mess.



  • Cryotherapy has been shown to decrease pain and inflammation*
  • Physician/Clinician can customize programs to fit patient needs

Treatment Options

  • Multi-modality uses in one convenient, digital device
  • Cryotherapy - Temperature range from 39-59°F
  • Contrast therapy - rapid comfortable transitions between cooling and heating
  • Thermotherapy - Temperature range of 95-108°F


  • Extended treatment sessions for post activity needs
  • Post-treatment rehab/cooling or contrast with any wrap
  • Broad contrast therapy options without tub submersion
  • Easy application in clinic, on the road, or at home


  • Prescribe specific temperature and time for treatment protocols
  • Create and save customized protocols that can easily be pushed to the patient


Please read and understand all warnings and instructions for use before using the device. DO NOT use this device without a prescription and direction from a physician.


KelviTEC Ankle Wrap - How to Apply


KelviTEC Back Wrap - How to Apply


KelviTEC Knee Wrap - How to Apply


KelviTEC Shoulder Wrap - How to Apply

Ordering Information

Description Part Number
Kelvi™ PROe Console KLV10003
Smart Wraps
Back PRO (includes sleeve) KLV20002
Knee PRO (includes sleeve) KLV20003
Ankle PRO (includes sleeve) KLV20004
Shoulder PRO (includes sleeve) KLV20001
Smart Wrap Sleeves
Back PRO Sleeve KLV30002
Knee PRO Sleeve KLV30003
Ankle PRO Sleeve KLV30004
Shoulder PRO Sleeve KLV30001
Smart Wrap Case Large KLV50003
Smart Wrap Case Small KLV50004
Kelvi PROe Hard Case KLV50007
Kelvi PROe Soft Case KLV50008
Smart Wrap Case Carrier KLV50006

*References available

Kelvi™ is a trademark of Kelvi – Hypothermia Devices, Inc

WARNING: This device can be cold or hot enough to cause serious injury. Serious adverse reactions & safety hazards may occur when using this device. Read and understand all warnings and Instructions for Use, including contraindications, before using this device. Additional warnings appear in the Instructions for Use. Patients can only use this device with a prescription from a healthcare professional. The prescription must state how long and how often the device should be used and the length of breaks between uses.