Rehab TROM

DonJoy Rehab TROM
DonJoy Rehab TROM

Rehab TROM

Ideal for total knees, meniscus repairs, regenerative chondroplasty, ligament surgeries and patella realignments, the Rehab TROM gives easy-to-use range of motion control and short cuffs for extended rehabilitation. The Rehab TROM can be used as a rehab brace or the cuffs can be purchased separately be used with the TROM post-op brace. 17" in total length.

Measuring information: Measurements taken 6" above mid-patella.
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Ordering Information

Measurement taken at thigh circumference 4" above patella
Part Number Description Size Measurement
11-0295-2-06000 Rehab TROM S 14"-18" (36-46 cm)
11-0295-3-06000 Rehab TROM M 18"-22" (46-56 cm)
11-0295-4-06000 Rehab TROM L 22"-27" (56-69 cm)
11-0295-5-06000 Rehab TROM XL 27"-32" (69-81 cm)