X-Act ROM Lite

XAct Rom lite
XAct Rom lite

X-Act ROM Lite

Sleek and Sensible. Simplified

The new, sleek X-Act ROM Lite is your sensible solution to post-op knee bracing. This lightweight, easy-to-use brace features the durable X-Act ROM hinge, full circumferential foam, and an easy-to-adjust strap system. The simplified telescoping uprights can fit a variety of patients and can be contoured to the patients’ leg to provide varus and valgus support.


For immobilization and protected range of motion associated with post-traumatic treatment, ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL surgeries, patella realignment and meniscal or articular repairs.

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X-Act ROM Lite Fitting Video

Easy-to-use Strap System

Adjustable straps can be cut to fit a variety of patients.

Adjustable Uprights

Easy Push button system has telescoping adjustability between 18in-25.5in (46cm – 65cm); can also be bent to provide varus/valgus support.

X-Act ROM Hinge

Durable aluminum hinges provide precise protection and range of motion with Extension settings from -10° to 90° and Flexion settings from -10° to 120°

Full Circumferential Foam

Cool, breathable foam provides a comfortable fit to patients’ leg and helps minimize migration of brace.

Product Information

Part Number Description
11-2161-9 X-ACT ROM LITE


Size Length Thigh
Univ. 46cm-65cm <76cm


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