DynaClip Delta

Dynaclip Delta
Dynaclip Delta™ - in bone
Dynaclip Delta
Dynaclip Delta™ - in bone

DynaClip Delta™

Active, Adaptive Healing for 1st MTP Fusion

Active, Adaptive Healing for 1st MTP Fusion The DynaClip Delta™ Bone Fixation System excels in performance, fit, and reliability. Designed for 1st MTP fusion, its unique 4-leg, triangular configuration provides additional compression and rotational stability, representing the ultimate choice in robust NiTiNOL staples.

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Features & Benefits

Enhanced Durability: DynaClip Delta's design places stress across the bridge, away from the legs, improving resistance to failure post-surgery.

Maximized Compression: Increased bridge curvature allows for compression generation through bridge, not just the legs.

Low-Profile: Tapered, low-profile bridge designed to minimize prominence and patient irritation.


Design Rationale

Competitor 4-leg staple designs possess a flat bridge that doesn't generate compression, thus relying on the recovery of the legs alone for compression. The narrower legs also create stress concentrations at the weakest points of the staple under bending conditions, increasing the likelihood for implant failure once the patient begins weight-bearing. Peer-reviewed studies report these competitor staples breaking in up to 11% of patients.

In contrast, the DynaClip Delta's 4-leg design features a broad, low-profile bridge that distributes stresses across the bridge away from the legs (see image to right), and allows for compression to be generated through the bridge.


Finite Element Analysis of Bending Stresses

Delta FEA


DynaClip Delta & Quattro Animation

Ordering Information

3000-10-24161412 DYNACLIP DELTA, 24 MM X 16 MM X 14 MM X 12MM
3000-10-28161412 DYNACLIP DELTA, 28 MM X 16 MM X 14 MM X 12MM