Sheet Materials

Sheet Materials
Sheet Materials

Sheet Materials

Multiple layered thermoformable material in a single construct ideal for custom fabrication for musculoskeletal stabilization. Not made with natural rubber latex.

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Ordering Information

Part # Description Size Color Qty.
800-40-1111 Sheet Materials .40” thick 18”x24” Black 1
800-50-1111 Sheet Materials .50” thick 18”x24” Black 1
800-65-1111 Sheet Materials .65” thick 18”x24” Black 1

Thumb & Finger Replacement Straps

Part # (10 Pack) Length
800-35-STRAP 3.5"
800-40-STRAP 4.0"
800-45-STRAP 4.5"
800-50-STRAP 5.0"
800-55-STRAP 5.5"
800-60-STRAP 6.0"

BOA Adjustable Tensioning Kit

Part # Qnty.
800-ATK 1 each

BOA Locking Ring Kit

Part # Qnty.
800-LR 1 each

Edge Tape

Part # (10 Pack) Length
800-1111 EDGE TAPE - UBL - BLACK 1” X 24”

Operating Boa® Lacing System

<h3>To Loosen:</h3>
<li>Lift Boa® Knob. (Figure 1)</li>
<li>Pull Tab. (Figure 2)</li>
<h3>To Close and Tighten:</h3>
<li>Push Boa® Knob down. (Figure 3)</li>
<li>Turn Boa® Knob clockwise. (Figure 3)</li>
<li>Boa® Knob must be in the down locked position when wearing brace.(Figure 3)</li>

<p><img src="/sites/default/files/file_attach/Exos_WB_BOAInstructions.jpg " alt="WB w/BOA Education Image" width="396" height="132" /></p>

Three Keys to Success with Exos

<li>Not Too Tight – Wear it Right and leave some “WIGGLE ROOM” </li>
<li>If the brace and skin get wet, they “CAN’T STAY WET”</li>
<li>Keep your “SKIN AND BRACE CLEAN AND DRY”</li>
<p>Please download the <a href="/sites/default/files/1580_Exos_Patient_Instruction_Sheet.pdf" target="_blank">attached PDF</a> document for the full document on how to care for your Exos.</p>