Wrist Brace (no BOA®)

Exos Wrist Brace (no BOA) - On Wrist
Exos Wrist Brace (no BOA) - On Wrist

Wrist Brace (no BOA®)

Intended for carpal bone injuries such as lunate, pisiform, or triquietral fractures, scapho-lunate dislocations, triangular fibro-cartilage complex (TFCC) tears, radio-carpal ligament injuries, or minimally displaced or stable distal radius or distal styloid fractures. May be used to support stable wrist fractures. May be used to control wrist motion for other injuries that require stabilization. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Suggested HCPC: L3984

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Exos Upper Extremity Product Video


Vaughn - Exos


Exos Patient Testimonial - Darcy


BMX Rider Arielle Martin


Exos Wrist Brace Application Video


Exos Care and Cleaning

  • The ability to thermoform and custom fit the Brace to the patient's extremity ensures a comfortable fit.
  • The openings around the base of the thumb (thenar eminence) and across the palmar crease enable range of motion and provide greater comfort without loss of stability.
  • Detachable nylon strap across the web space provides comfortable, adjustable control distally.

Ordering Information

Left Right Size Color
220-31-1111 220-32-1111 X-Small Black
220-41-1111 220-42-1111 Small Black
220-51-1111 220-52-1111 Medium Black
220-61-1111 220-62-1111 Large Black
220-71-1111 220-72-1111 X-Large Black


  Size Circumference Length
XS 7¼" - < 8" 6½"
S 8" - < 9"
M 9" - < 10" 8"
L 10" - < 11" 9"
XL 11" 9¼"
Name Part # Price
Exos Sizing Tape 00-9324 NA

Wrist Undersleeve

Comfortable elastic wrist undersleeve for use with Exos and other upper extremity braces. Enhances comfort and protects skin from shear and moisture.

Part # Size
896-40-1111 XSmall / Small
896-50-1111 Medium
896-60-1111 Large / XLarge

BOA Locking Ring Kit

Part # Qnty.
800-LR 1 each

Exos Sizing Tape

Part # Qty.
00-9324 1

Operating Lacing System

To Loosen:
<li>Lift hook-and-loop fastener tab.</li>
<li>Pull open brace. (Figure 1)</li>
To Close and Tighten:
<li>Pull hook-and-loop fastener tab to cinch lace. (Figure 2)</li>
<li>Wrap excess lace around brace.</li>
<li>Secure hook-and-loop fastener tab to brace.</li>
<p><img src="/sites/default/files/file_attach/Exos_WB_Instructions.jpg " alt="WB Education Image" width="396" height="132" /></p>

Three Keys to Success with Exos

<li>Not Too Tight – Wear it Right and leave some “WIGGLE ROOM” </li>
<li>If the brace and skin get wet, they “CAN’T STAY WET”</li>
<li>Keep your “SKIN AND BRACE CLEAN AND DRY”</li>
<p>Please download the <a href="/sites/default/files/1580_Exos_Patient_Instruction_Sheet.pdf" target="_blank">attached PDF</a> document for the full document on how to care for your Exos.</p>