PECA-C Compressive Implants

PECA-C Compressive Implants
PECA-C Compressive Implants

PECA-C® Compressive Implants

Percutaneous, Compressive, Versatile

PECA® Compressive implants can be used alone or in association with plates. These implants can be used in percutaneous surgery, with an exact positioning thanks to the driver and with the visual guide of the screwdriver, or in traditional open surgery.

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Beveled Headless Compressive Implant

Peca® Compressive Implants were designed for the percutaneous fixation in the foot and ankle. The implant is equipped with a beveled head and partially threaded cutting flutes to maximize compression by seating flush with the near cortex, preserving soft tissue structures.

Exact-T® recess:

Allows Exact beveled implant head positioning and provides optimal torque. The driver allows an exact positioning of the screwdriver tip in one position only.

PECA Instrument Tray

Airlock Instrument Tray