KneeRANGER II - Universal

Procare KneeRANGER II - Universal - On Leg
Procare KneeRANGER II - Universal - On Leg

KneeRANGER™ II - Universal

Post-operative immobilization with protected range of motion. Dual axis, polycentric hinge allows for convenient dial-in adjustment with flexion and extension stops at 0°, 15°, 30°, 60° and 90°. Available in two (2) lengths. Trimmable foam leg wraps for customized fit. Medial/lateral plastic shells riveted to hinge bars provide additional support following post-operative procedures. Accommodates Ankle/Shoe Insert for added rotational control. Ideal for providing protected range of motion for post-operative immobilization.

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Ordering Information

Measurement taken at maximum thigh circumference
Part Number Measurement Length Size
79-94230 ≤ 36" 17" Universal / Short
79-94240 ≤ 36" 26" Universal / Long


Part Number Description Quantity Size
79-94260 Replacement Wraps Set n/a Short
79-94261 Replacement Wraps Set n/a Long
79-94270 Replacement Strap Set 6 PK Universal
79-96170 Foam Condyle Pads Set n/a Universal