Procare Pil-O-Splint - On Wrist
Procare Pil-O-Splint - On Wrist


Provides comfort and maximum pain relief during rest and sleep. Soft cotton lining extends to fingertips to keep fingers from moving while sleeping. Two rigid plastic dorsal stays immobilize the hand, wrist, and fingers in a neutral position. Constructed with a breathable foam covered with soft poly flannel promotes warmth and good circulation. Palm rests on a tiny "pillow" for added comfort. Adjustable Pil-O-Splint™ allows for easy change of size. Ideal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, forearm tendonitis, arthritis, and other wrist and hand pain.

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Measurement taken at forearm

Part Number Measurement Length Size
79-87540 ≤ 12" 12" Standard Universal
79-87550 ≥ 12" 12" Adjustable Universal