Quick-Fit Wrist II

Procare Quick-Fit Wrist II - On Wrist
Procare Quick-Fit Wrist II - On Wrist

Quick-Fit™ Wrist II

The simple, single-pull lace closure design and the adjustable, malleable dorsal stay pod provide variability and a contoured, custom fit to accommodate the changing wrist anatomy during rehabilitation, post-trauma, or injury. Universal size for both left and right help limit inventory to improve efficiencies. Patented

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Ordering Information

Measurement taken at wrist circumference
Part Number Description Measurement Length Size
79-87560 Right ≤ 10" 8" Universal
79-87570 Left ≤ 10" 8" Universal
79-87561 Right ≥ 10" 8" Universal / X-Large
79-87571 Left ≥ 10" 8" Universal / X-Large