STAR Ankle

STAR Ankle
STAR Ankle PSI - Tibia Guide
STAR Ankle PSI - Talus Guide
STAR Ankle - Talar
STAR Ankle - Tibial
STAR Ankle - Poly
STAR Ankle - In ankle
STAR Ankle
STAR Ankle PSI - Tibia Guide
STAR Ankle PSI - Talus Guide
STAR Ankle - Talar
STAR Ankle - Tibial
STAR Ankle - Poly
STAR Ankle - In ankle

STAR® Ankle

Simplified & Flexible Mobile Bearing Total Ankle


Now simplified, the Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR® Ankle) serves as a non-cemented implant to alleviate pain in arthritic ankle joints caused by osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis.

Before STAR® Ankle, surgeons faced limited choices for total ankle arthroplasty. With STAR® Ankle, surgeons now have access to the first three-piece mobile bearing ankle implant approved for uncemented use in the United States.

STAR® PSI is only available for sale in the U.S.

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With its 37-year history, the STAR® has been implanted globally over 40,000 times. Demonstrating its efficacy through prospective outcome studies, the STAR® boasts the highest published long-term metal component survival rates in the U.S. and Canada.1,2,4,5,6


The STAR’s® modular components and positional forgiveness allow for 225 patient matched configurations with just one surgical technique. While rotating across the axial plane, mobile bearing allows for reduced point contact stress comparative to fixed bearing.3,7


Our case support and educational programs, coupled with additional Enovis™ resources, offer the assurance you need for today and tomorrow.

Patient Specific Instrumentation

A proven total ankle classic, modernized. The same STAR® Ankle you know and trust, now with a simplified OR experience.

If interested, reach out to your local rep for more information or contact


Personalized pre-operative plan. 3D visualization of ankle joint to plan for STAR TAR cases, including existing implants and cyst information.


Simplified surgical technique potentially
saving OR time.


Alignment accuracy and repeatability by using patient’s own CT data.

STAR® Ankle, now personalized and simplified, follows a 7-step process from Diagnostics to Recovery.

Tibia Guide

Talus Guide

Accuracy Sizing Rotation Alignment
Efficiency Reduced number of surgical steps Designed to reduce surgical time 3-week delivery time*
Confidence Know what to expect intra-operatively before you walk into the OR Improved visualization of anatomy and cut with radiolucent cut guides  

*Delivery time may exceed three weeks due to unforeseen circumstances.


STAR Total Ankle Surgery - Ariel Palanca, MD



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