Cobalt® Bone Cement

Cobalt Bone Cement
Cobalt Bone Cement - Contrast on bone
Cobalt Bone Cement
Cobalt Bone Cement - Contrast on bone

Cobalt® Bone Cement

Featuring SoftPac™ Technology

Patent pending SoftPac™ technology provides a safe, economical alternative to glass ampoules and eliminates the risk of glass fragments in the cement mixture.

  • No glass fragments, resulting in fragment-free bone cement
  • SoftPac™ technology is the safer alternative for O.R. staff
  • Economical disposal

High Optical Contrast - Optimal visualization for:

  • Contrast against bone
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Cement removal
  • Overview
  • Documents
  • References

Cobalt® HV & HV-G

Cobalt® HV Bone Cement offers the benefits of a pre-colored high viscosity cement for optimal visualization against bone and ideal handling. Available with the addition of gentamicin, Cobalt® HV-G cement features high elution characteristics1 and provides high local concentrations of gentamicin extending over several days.

High Viscosity Consistency

The high viscosity properties of Cobalt® bone cement are intended to provide ideal handling characteristics and a reduced overall set-time. There is no need to wait for the cement to “dough up,” providing increased working time. The excellent workability of Cobalt® bone cement makes it optimal for minimally invasive surgery.


  • Testing has demonstrated that Cobalt® HV-G cement has higher elution characteristics than some other commercially available bone cements.1 Cobalt® HV-G cement provides high local concentrations of gentamicin releasing over a span of several days.
  • Gentamicin’s broad spectrum covers both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, the most common bacteria in arthroplasty cases.
  1. When compared to Cobalt® HV bone cements.