Origin Stem

Origin™ Stem - Side View
Origin™ Stem - Exploded VIew
Origin™ Stem - Back View
Origin™ Stem - Side View
Origin™ Stem - Exploded VIew
Origin™ Stem - Back View

Origin™ Stem

A hydroxyapatite (HA) coated cementless implant with compaction broaching system and a streamlined instrument set. The design of the stem is based on clinically successful principles that have been proven over their more than 30 years of use, to treat over 2 million patients.1

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Compaction Broaching Philosophy

Created with the intent of preserving more blood supply compared to traditional rasping. Based on the clinically successful geometry, material and compaction broaching technique originated by the ATROS Group.1

Hydroxyapatite Coating (HA Coated Ti6Al4V) designed to promote osseointegration and stability.

Restoring Biomechanics & Fracture Prevention

Three Collared Offset Options in one system to restore biomechanics. 135° Collared and Non-Collared in Standard and Lateral offsets as well as a Collared Coxa Vera option with a 125° neck angle.

Clinical Data

In a recent Journal of Arthroplasty study, Origin™ had “statistically significant lower postoperative periprosthetic fracture rate than TaperLoc ” with an experienced surgeon over a two year period following a transition to the Origin stem system.2

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