Revelation® microMAX Hip System

DJO Revelation microMAX Hip System
DJO Revelation microMAX Hip System

Revelation® microMAX™ Hip

Superior Loading

A shortened hip stem must derive stable loading from its superior regions or risk failure.  The Revelation microMAX stem features proximal geometry that maximizes stability and provides physiologic load transfer that no other short stem can match.

micro Benefits

Revelation microMAX stems measure just 80 mm from the medial-proximal coating boundary to the distal tip. This shortened length offers multiple benefits: Improved maneuverability for placement via direct anterior and other tissue-sparing hip approaches. Less required bone removal so patients retain native bone Designed to avoid diaphyseal overloading and thigh pain.

MAX Stability

The time-tested Revelation proximal geometry fits the metaphyseal area closely for exception short stem stability. It’s lateral flare, anterior prominence and flat posterior face engage the cortical walls of the inter-trochanteric region to combat subsidence and resist de-stabilizing forces in multiple planes.

True Bone Preservation

The Revelation Lateral Flare® geometry was developed to mimic physiologic distribution of biomechanical loads by loading both lateral and medial cortices.  It has been shown to preserve up to 95 percent of bone stock and encourage bone regeneration in revision cases and with prior bone loss.1

By virtue of its short length, Revelation microMAX allows less bone to be taken from patients intraoperatively.  And by respecting the principles of bone physiology and biomechanics, it offers protection against gradual bone loss over time.

Functional microStructure

The inter-trochanteric surfaces of the Revelation microMAX stem are thoroughly coated circumferentially with DJO Surgical’s 3DMatrix® porous titanium.  3DMatrix consists of three-dimensional, non-spherical beads for a stability-enhancing surface with high friction and aggressive bony apposition.  3DMatrix has a controlled porosity volume of 61-63% to support long-term fixation through bone in growth.

Fixed-neck Security that Fits

The full Revelation microMAX system consists of 32 distinct fixed-neck implants for optimizing patient fit.  Left- and right-side implants are available in standard and reduced neck geometries.  Standard necks have 12 degrees of anteversion.  Reduced neck stems have 5 degrees of anteversion and a 3 mm reduction in neck length vs. their standard neck counterparts.

  • Components

The full Revelation microMAX system consists of 32 distinct fixed-neck implants for optimizing patient fit.  

Anatomical Design Consisting of:

  • 8 stem sizes Right and Left
  • 2 Versions:
    • V1: 12°of Anteversion
    • V2: 5° of Anteversion, Reduced Neck, 3mm Decrease in Neck Length

Furthermore the Revelation microMAX Hip System is compatible with DJO’s elaborate FMP acetabular portfolio complete with all bearing and head options.