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Exos® is the leading bracing system offering an adjustable, reformable and waterproof solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring stabilization.

Combined with or as an alternative to traditional casts and splints, Exos advanced technology allows braces to mold directly to the anatomy for the best possible fit and comfort. Many Exos products utilize the patented BOA® Fit System for a fast, effortless, precision fit.


Exos is completely reformable, allowing:

  • Modification to accommodate anatomical changes as healing progresses
  • Serial changes of position
  • One brace throughout the duration of treatment


Exos uses the patented BOA® Fit System, allowing:

  • Expansion for initial swelling and to reduce the risk of Compartment Syndrome
  • Tension modification for custom fit despite atrophy or changes in soft tissue
  • Improved patient comfort and fit

It takes to water

Exos is waterproof, allowing:

  • Patients to continue their regular daily activities such as showering
  • Children to remain active
  • Athletes to continue to water activities
  • Use of blow dryer to quickly dry brace and skin


Although the Exos brace is custom fit to your patient, it can be removed, allowing:

  • Examination of fracture site
  • Examination of muscle atrophy
  • Examination of wound or an incision
  • The ability to initiate rehabilitation therapy earlier in the healing process
  • Skin and brace cleaning
  • No cast saw needed

It's see through

The Exos brace is radiolucent, allowing:

  • X-rays to be taken without removal of brace
  • Clinical assessment of fracture healing without the need for re-casting

It's easy to clean

The Exos brace is designed for improved hygiene, allowing:

  • Patients to hand wash and dry as needed
  • Antimicrobial treated material to reduce odor
  • Brace to be removed in order to clean skin or injury site