Custom Adjustable OA Defiance

Custom Adjustable OA Defiance - Blue
Custom Adjustable OA Defiance - Black
Custom Adjustable OA Defiance - Red
Custom Adjustable OA Defiance - Blue
Custom Adjustable OA Defiance - Black
Custom Adjustable OA Defiance - Red

Custom Adjustable OA Defiance®

DonJoy's® premier Custom OA product. It is designed for the active OA patient, is extremely lightweight, and provides durable support for moderate to severe levels of osteoarthritis. The bilateral hinge bars offers support for ligament instabilities and work in conjunction with a patented telescoping condyle pad which puts the load control in the hands of the patient. Ideally suited for patients with active lifestyles or athletes.

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Defiance® Colors

Make it your own - 31 Different color choices

Black Gloss


Black Matte


Metallic Black Gloss


Metallic Gunmetal Gloss


Metallic Silver Gloss


Smoke Matte


White Gloss


Metallic White Gloss


Bright Blue Gloss


Navy Gloss


Metallic Navy Gloss


Metallic Bright Blue Gloss


Powder Gloss


Seafoam Gloss


Emerald Gloss


Metallic Forest Gloss


Metallic Gold Gloss


Volt Gloss


Bumble Gloss


Safety Gloss


True Red Gloss


Metallic True Red Gloss


Fuscia Gloss


Cotton Candy Gloss


Crimson Gloss


Grape Gloss


Velvet Gloss


Olive Drab Green Matte


Desert Tan Matte


Flat Dark Earth Matte


Stars Stripes Gloss


DonJoy Defiance Knee Brace Overview


Osteoarthritis Knee Braces


Osteoarthritis Overview


FourcePoint Technology


Rich Gildersleeve, CTO Discusses How OA Bracing Works


Patient Testimonial - OA Defiance - Mike Giere

  • 4-Points-of-Leverage™ System pioneered by DonJoy® provides ligament stability
  • 1° to 7° of correction built into a strong, lightweight, carbon composite frame (3° is recommended)
  • Patient controlled Telescoping Condyle Pad (up to 3° of additional correction) shifts compressive knee joint forces from the degnerative area to the healthy compartment
  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • Over 40 custom frame colors and graphics
  • Swooping thigh cuff for inner thigh clearance and bilateral brace use
  • Swiveling strap tabs to accommodate leg movement
  • Reinforced carbon composite frame ACL, PCL, or Combined Instability (CI) strap configuration

Ordering Information

Every OA Defiance is custom fabricated with a 24-hour turnaround time using either DonJoy's CCMI Mark III measuring device or a cast mold. See CCMI Mark III for further details.

Size Thigh Circumference Calf Circumference
Minimum 12.5" (31.8 cm) 10.25" (26 cm)
Maximum 38.125" (97 cm) 26.25" (66.7 cm)

Brace Length

Brace Length Patient Height
Standard Calf 5'4" or taller (163 cm or taller)
Short Calf 5'4" or shorter (163 cm or shorter)


Part Number Description Size
11-0075-x-00000 Lycra Suspension Sleeve S - XXL
11-0122-x Neoprene Suspension Sleeve XS - XXL
11-0016-x-06000 Sports Brace Cover (standard) S - XXL
11-0103-x-06000 Sports Brace Cover (short) S - XXL
11-1525-x Tru-Pull Advance Attachment XS - XXXL
11-0398-9-00000 Full Extension Stop Universal
11-0400-9-00000 Pneumatic Condyle Pad Universal
25-1923-0-06000 Air Condyle Pads Universal
11-1107-0-00000 Condyle Pads Universal
11-1006-x-06000 Impact Guard S - XXL
11-1095-9-06000 Calf Pinch Guard Universal
11-0857-9-00000 Load Sensor Kit Universal
25-1480-0-00000 Brace Bag Universal
11-1415 Sili-Grip Strap Pad Kit Universal
11-0543-x-06000 Neoprene Suspension Strap Kit 1 = XS, 2 = S/M, 3 = L/XL/XXL


Patient Education

<p>To learn more about osteoarthritis, please visit our Patient Education section of the website. <a href="/education/patient-education">Click here</a>.</p>