OA Reaction Web

DonJoy OA Reaction Web - 3/4 with sleeve
DonJoy OA Reaction Web - 3/4 without sleeve
DonJoy OA Reaction Web - 3/4 with sleeve
DonJoy OA Reaction Web - 3/4 without sleeve

OA Reaction Web™

Know Pain? Know Gain.

Discrete solution for osteoarthritis knee pain

The OA REACTION WEB™ brace is a unique and effective way to treat osteoarthritis knee pain utilizing patented silicone web technology. The easy-to-wear open framework is designed for a comfortable, non-slip fit.  Breathable, open framework provides comfort and encourages compliance.  Undersleeve included.

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Technology That Moves With You

Silicone Web Technology

Scientifically designed to provide shock absorption and anterior knee pain relief treating OA of both the knee joint and the patella.

Low-profile Design

Wear it under pants, skirts or with exercise clothing as a discreet solution for pain.

Four-way, Adjustable Wraparound Design

Comfortable, form-fitting design creates a custom-like fit for most legs that is easy to apply.

Patented, Integrated Silicone

Comfortable offloading of the knee with a nonslip cup effect; the hexagon design allows air pockets to gently support the knee.

Easy to Wear

The most open and lightweight design available in OA knee bracing.


OA Reaction Web Fitting


Rich Gildersleeve, CTO Discusses How OA Bracing Works


Rich Gildersleeve, CTO discusses OA Reaction and Reaction Knee Braces

Ordering Information

Part Numbers  
11-7426-x Right Med/Left Lat
11-7427-x Left Med/Right Lat

Brace Size Measure Thigh Circumference 6” Above Mid-Patella
x = 1 = XS 13 – 15.5” (33 – 39 cm)
x = 2 = S 15.5 – 18.5” (39 – 47 cm)
x = 3 = M 18.5 – 21” (47 – 53 cm)
x = 4 = L 21 – 23.5” (53 – 60 cm)
x = 5 = XL 23.5 – 26.5” (60 – 67 cm)
x = 6 = XXL 26.5 – 29.5” (67 – 75 cm)
x = 7 = XXXL 29.5 – 32” (75 – 81 cm)
Soft Goods Part #
Right Med/ Left Lat (includes cuffs pads & back pad/straps) 25-9504-x
Left Med/ Right Lat (includes cuffs pads & back pad/straps) 25-9505-x


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“Hey wanted to give you feedback. I am a walking ad for DonJoy! I've been to 3 elite lacrosse tournaments and I wear the Trizone cuz I walk and stand all day. I've had a handful of people at each one ask about it! I've been wearing the reaction one too when I run. Everyone that asks me I point them to your site. Anything else I can do to get a better word out there. I really have had a lot of people ask. You know we only "hang" with the sporty over 40 and they all have knee probs!!! Glad I have DJ stuff cuz it really does help. I'm not sore at night like I usually am.”

~ Heather Hughes Lalla