Evolve34 - on Foot
Evolve34 - Jig Right 3/4 view
Evolve34 - Jig Left 3/4 view
Evolve34 - on Foot
Evolve34 - Jig Right 3/4 view
Evolve34 - Jig Left 3/4 view


Lapidus Correction System

The Evolve34™ Lapidus Correction System is designed to provide powerful correction, predictable results, and procedural flexibility. The design allows for 2-in-1 correction of both the intermetatarsal angle and the frontal plane while also giving surgeons the ability to joint prep and fixate according to their preferred method.

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Evolve34 Jigs

Features & Benefits


Allows for any joint prep desired and fixation choices based on surgeon preference, empowering the surgeon to perform the procedure the way they want.

Anatomical Correction Reference

The jig is anchored on the 2nd metatarsal, providing the surgeon with an anatomical reference for correction during the procedure. The optional cut guide is designed to minimize shortening of the 1st metatarsal and allows for cuts perpendicular to the 2nd metatarsal.

Comprehensive Assistant

Evolve34™ is an all-in-one, hands-free tool that helps the surgeon with correction, distraction, and compression. No need for multiple pieces.

Flexible Fixation

Your Lapidus, your way. Evolve34 is compatible with multiple fixation options.


Evolve34 Animation w/Fixation Options


Evolve34 Surgical Technique