EMPOWR Revision Knee

EMPOWR Revision Knee - 3/4 View
EMPOWR Revision Knee - 3/4 View

EMPOWR Revision Knee™

Redefining Revision

EMPOWR Revision Knee™ offers streamlined instrumentation and stackable augments for both the tibia and femur which reduces inventory and OR clutter while the anatomic femoral boss reduces the need for offsetting and aids in flexion stability.

The EMPOWR Knee line offers a contemporary, comprehensive portfolio of knee implants spanning the knee care continuum from unicompartmental to primary and now revision procedures along with advanced materials and the only modern dual-pivot knee.

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Empowr Revision with callouts
  1. Cemented stems & 25 mm stem extender - 45 and 60 mm stems available in 10, 12, and 14 mm diameter options and 25 mm stem extenders that can be used on both the femur & tibia to minimize inventory requirements and maximize options.
  2. Anatomic femoral boss - Using statistical shape modeling, we optimized the femoral boss location reducing the need for offsetting and aiding in flexion stability.
  3. Revision Femur - Full range of sizes (2-11) equivalent to EMPOWR Knee™, with a 9 mm condyle and single radius up to 65°.
  4. Distal & posterior femur augments - Augments have been refined to five size groups, are stackable to 10 mm and can be used both medially and laterally.
  5. VVC e+ polyethylene - Symmetric design with increased stability through Varus/Valgus and Internal/External rotational constraint. Available in 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 22 and 25 mm thickness options with a jump height of 16.2 mm.
  6. Tibia Augments - Half-block 5mm stackable augments used on both medial and lateral compartments and rigidly fix to the tibial baseplate with a single screw.


The beauty of EMPOWR Revision lies in its modernization and simplicity.

Using statistical shape modeling, we optimized the femoral boss location, reducing the need for offsetting and aiding in flexion stability. The system also utilizes stackable augments which can be used both medially and laterally. This gives you the flexibility to fine tune the flexion/extension gap and accommodate bone voids, without excess inventory.

Empowr Revision Knee with Stackable Augments
10 trays vs. 5 trays


Revision arthroplasty is typically fraught with options and excess.

We streamlined our instrumentation and implants to deliver exactly what you need without the additional clutter or decision fatigue. Our implant sizing options are refined to five size groups to reduce inventory constraints. Additionally, we modernized our instrumentation to be multifunctional so that only one additional tray is needed beyond what is required for a complex primary case – keeping your back table organized and efficient.


The EMPOWR Knee portfolio is a contemporary knee line that offers treatment solutions spanning the continuum of care from partial, primary, and now revision cases.

With EMPOWR Revision Knee, we have carried over e+ polyethylene which was formulated specifically for the demands of knee arthroplasty and is available for both varus/valgus constrained and posterior stabilized bearing options. Additionally, we are empowering you to continue to utilize your preferred workflow even though the instrumentation is minimized.


EMPOWR Revision Knee