EMPOWR Revision Knee™ Overview

EMPOWR Revision Knee™

Redefining Revision

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EMPOWR Revision Knee™ – a modernized system with streamlined instrumentation and stackable augments for both the tibia and femur which reduces inventory and OR clutter while the anatomic femoral boss reduces the need for offsetting and aids in flexion stability.


Reducing “Fiddle Factor”

Using statistical shape modeling, we optimized the femoral boss location reducing the need for offsetting and aiding in flexion stability.

Empowr femoral boss close up

Flip, stack & lock

Stackable augments can be used both medially and laterally and are secured with a single screw. This gives you the flexibility to fine tune the flexion/extension gap and accommodate bone voids, without excess inventory.


Options without Excess

Our implant sizing options are refined to five size groups to reduce inventory constraints. Additionally, we modernized our instrumentation to be multifunctional so that only one additional tray is needed beyond what is required for a complex primary case – keeping your back table organized and efficient.

Some competitive systems require 10 trays or more per procedure. EMPOWR Revision Knee™ only requires five total trays with a half tray for outlier sizes. At $58.18 per tray in reprocessing costs, this adds up to $290 saved per case.1


Empowering you throughout the continuum of care

From partial through revision knee arthroplasty, we’ve got you covered with the EMPOWR Knee System.

Advanced Materials Made for the Knee

With EMPOWR Revision Knee™, we have carried over e+™ polyethylene which was formulated specifically for the demands of knee arthroplasty and is available for both varus/valgus constrained and posterior stabilized bearing options.  

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