DynaNail TTC Fusion Nail

DynaNail® TTC Fusion Nail - In Bone
DynaNail® TTC Fusion Nail
DynaNail® TTC Fusion Nail - In Bone
DynaNail® TTC Fusion Nail

DynaNail® TTC Fusion Nail

Dynamic, Sustained & Compressive System for TTC Fusion

DynaNail Data

Designed with TTC fusion procedures in mind, the DynaNail® TTC Fusion System effectively addresses degenerative conditions, joint deformities, and revision surgeries.

By utilizing Enovis’ patented technology incorporating pseudoelastic NiTiNOL, the DynaNail® TTC Fusion adapts to joint changes and offers compression both during and after surgical procedures. With its distinct capabilities, the DynaNail® TTC is the premier choice for complex TTC fusion.

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The DynaNail® TTC Fusion System stands alone as the sole fusion method providing the compression performance of an external fixator within an intramedullary nail. Specifically engineered for TTC fusion procedures, it ensures higher compression and stability, setting a new standard in fusion technology.

Maintained Compression Without External Fixation? Nailed It

The DynaNail® TTC Fusion System is the ONLY fusion approach that offers the compression performance of an external fixator inside an intramedullary nail.

  • Achieves 6 mm of post-operative compression PLUS 6 mm of intra-operative manual compression
  • Provides automatic dynamization upon weightbearing
  • Accompanied by the robust DynaFrame™ CF (Carbon Fiber) Deployment System
  • Available in multiple diameters and lengths – Offered in 220, 260 and 300 mm lengths for revision and bail out procedures

Demonstrated Elite Performance

The compression-sustaining DynaNail® TTC Fusion System is compatible with femoral head allografts, 3D-printed bulk spacers, and adjunctive fusion procedures like triple arthrodesis.

Non-Unions from Prior Arthrodesis

Images Courtesy of:
Dan Latt, MD, Tucson, AZ

x-ray - arthrodesis non union

Large Bony Defects - Absent Talus

Images Courtesy of:
Tom SanGiovanni, MD, Coral Gables, FL

x-ray - large boney defects

Charcot Foot

Images Courtesy of:
Jeffrey Covell, MD, Danville, KY

x-ray - Diabetics-Smokers - Charcot Example.jpg

Failed Total Ankle Replacement

Images Courtesy of:
Mark Conklin, Golden, CO

x-ray - failed total ankle

The Proof Is In The Science

Maintained Active Compression

Benchtop testing shows that the DynaNail can maintain compression for up to 6 mm of bone resorption or settling, similar to an external fixator. In contrast, existing static IM nails, including other internal compression nails, lose 90% of their compression when just 1 mm of bone resorption occurs.1,2

Compression chart

Immediate Dynamization

Thanks to the axial compliance of its NiTiNOL Compressive Element, DynaNail is able to transfer almost 70% of forces to the bone during weight-bearing; whereas, static competitor nails are only able to transfer 20% of walking forces.3


DynaNail Animation


DynaNail TTC Patient Testimonial - Dave Backer


DynaNail TTC Patient Testimonial - David Johnston


DynaNail TTC Fusion Surgical Video with Dr. Steve Herbst

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