Case Study: How Structured Modality Programs Improve Patient Outcomes and Decrease Payment Denials

As a Long-Term Care professional dealing with the daily challenges of managing fall prevention, incontinence, pain, contractures and dysphagia, you need the best protocols available to boost service levels, staff accountability, occupancy rates and value-driven payment reform.

Post-acute care top executives, Mark Besch and Lynn Freeman, will share data collected from more than 10 years of researching hundreds of communities to quantify the impact of modalities such as electrotherapy, ultrasound and diathermy use on functional and operational outcomes.

Mark Besch, PT
Vice president
Clinical Operations
Aegis Therapies
Lynn Freeman, PT PhD, DPT, GCS, CWS
VP of Clinical Research & Scientist, Aegis Therapies

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  • Evidence on the clinical impact of modality use and review.
  • Modality program and equipment discussed on today’s webinar
  • How to implement a modalities program in your long-term care communities
  • Speak with a clinical education expert to help you design a protocol or modality program for your communities