EMPOWR Revision Knee™

Redefining Revision

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A culmination of research, clinical legacy and material technologies that have resulted in hip and knee products that help restore healthy kinematics and provide surgical efficiencies optimized for today’s health care environment.


EMPOWR Revision Knee™

Revision knee surgery is demanding on you and your OR team - so we are redefining revision. EMPOWR Revision Knee offers streamlined instrumentation and stackable augments for both the tibia and femur which reduces inventory and OR clutter while the anatomic femoral boss reduces the need for offsetting and aids in flexion stability. With the addition of EMPOWR Revision Knee, we now offer a comprehensive system spanning from partial through revision knee arthroplasty.


EMPOWR Dual Mobility™ is engineered for enhanced joint stability and helps reduce risks of dislocation by offering the largest assembled head for a given cup size1. Its robust locking mechanism aided by the dome peg and locking tabs helps build surgeon confidence by providing a visual and tactile liner engagement confirmation. These features, when combined with ONE tray instrumentation, provide a unique and efficient solution that a modern practice demands.


EMPOWR Acetabular® is a modern, premium, intelligently designed acetabular system that features advanced fixation technologies and accepts both vitamin E polyethylene bearing and a dual mobility metal liner.

This system - combined with our femoral stems with a 12/14 robust micro-threaded trunnions – provides surgeons a comprehensive THA solution for all surgical approaches and settings.


Based on more than a decade of extensive research – the EMPOWR 3D Knee® improves clinical outcomes.2,5 It is the first and only knee on the market that replicates natural kinematics with its dual pivot design.

Enovis’ proprietary P2™ coating on the EMPOWR Porous® Knee aids in the apposition of bone for excellent in-growth results.3


Empowr Acetabular® System

Larger Head = More Stable Joint

14mm differential between femoral head and cup’s outer diameter, allowing for a larger head designed to aid in enhanced joint stability and greater range of motion.4

The addition of a dual mobility liner changes the differential to 10mm between the assembled femoral head and cup's outer diameter offering enhanced joint stability and helping reduce risks of intra-prosthetic dislocation1.

Empowr Knee System®


EMPOWR 3D Knee® patients had statistically significant less pain when walking compared to traditional non-conforming knees. These patients also participated in very active activities such as impact sports more regularly.5

Surgical Efficiencies

Empowr Acetabular® System
EMPOWR Partial Knee™
EMPOWR Dual Mobility™


EMPOWR Acetabular® and Dual Mobility along with the EMPOWR Partial Knee have the ability to be implanted with just a single tray of instrumentation resulting in reduced space and sterilization costs savings aligning with the needs of the outpatient environment6.

Empowr Knee System®


The EMPOWR Knee System® provides the surgeon with a comprehensive and versatile implant platform which allows for intra-operative flexibility when determining implant selection.



The industry's first and only Titanium Porous coating with two distinct pore sizes that aid in both immediate and long-term fixation.7

HXe+™ / e+™

A polyethylene material, e-plus, is blended with vitamin E and formulated to reduce long-term wear.8

3D Matrix®

Non-spherical (roughened and irregular) sintered CoCr porous material with a strong clinical legacy.


A 20 nanometer thin surface modification for implants composed of crystalline hydroxyapatite (HA) particles developed by Promimic that creates a unique bioactive surface for faster and stronger osseointegration.9


EMPOWR Dual Mobility™Locked In


Empowr Acetabular™ SystemLeading the Movement


EMPOWR Partial Knee™Half is the whole solution


EMPOWR 3D Knee® Science-Driven Satisfaction. Patient Verified.


EMPOWR 3D Knee® Dr. Mark Miller

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