Millions Of Adults Have Knee Osteoarthritis.1

DonJoy® offers products for use in all stages of knee osteoarthritis: early, mild, moderate, and severe.

In many cases, this chronic condition limits the ability to perform activities of daily living, play sports, and work. DonJoy’s multiple knee brace solutions are designed to help offload stress on the joint load, help relieve painful symptoms often associated with this complex disease, and help to improve quality of life.

DonJoy® OA

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Products for Knee OA


Composite Performance Bracing

Active zoned protection to maintain peak performance.

REACTION_bare leg new brace back HERO_red.jpg
Elastomeric web pulls pain away from your knee.
The OA REACTION WEB™ brace is a unique and effective way to treat osteoarthritis knee pain utilizing patented silicone web technology.

Clima-Flex™ OA offers a new level of comfortable, cooling relief through compression and offloading for patients with mild to moderate OA knee pain.

11-121X_DONJOY_OA Nano_hires.jpg
Material science collides with innovation to create high-tech functional comfort in a lightweight design.
DonJoy's lightweight OA knee brace that offloads the affected compartment of the knee while reducing ligament strain, allowing active patients to go more miles with less pain.
The improved OA Adjuster™ 3 is powered by nano MAG™ and reinforced with a tough aluminum frame making it the most durable and functional DonJoy OA knee brace.
Extremely lightweight, durable support for moderate to severe levels of osteoarthritis.

If you have questions about your surgery or at-home treatment, it’s important to communicate with your surgeon. Many surgeons now offer telemedicine support which can allow you to ask questions, share photos and communicate directly with your care team prior to surgery.