There is no cure for OA

But there is hope

DJO® is committed to making a difference for those suffering with OA by providing an innovative approach to OA healthcare:

Powering Motion

We’re dedicated to helping patients realize the tremendous health benefits of regular physical activity, which as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help to reduce the risk of hypertension, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and depression and contribute to extended life span, healthier joints and better sleep.

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We mechanically shift weight away From the damaged part of the knee to help address four common relief Points for those suffering from OA*

Every DonJoy® OA knee brace can off-load either the medial or lateral compartment and incorporate load adjustment mechanisms that allow patients to fine tune their brace to meet their daily needs.


Pain caused from OA of the knee can create barriers to motion both psychological and physical. Addressing immediate pain issues is essential to getting active.


If the body’s alignment is not correct, it can create wear on joints that can cause pain. Incorrect alignment can be natural, can come from an injury or can be the result of the body compensating for pain.


As knee pain increases, the body compensates to avoid the pain. Quadriceps stop firing and more pressure is put on joints exacerbating the situation. Maintaining strength in key muscle groups is critical to reversing the path of degeneration and getting back in motion.


Instability can be real, whether from injury or from OA, and it can also be perceived, as when sharp pain creates the impression of instability. Real or perceived, instability can be a barrier to motion.

DonJoy offers products to aid in all stages of knee Osteoarthritis

early, mild, Moderate and severe.

Millions of adults Have knee osteoarthritis1. In many cases, this chronic condition limits their ability to perform activities of daily living, play sports, and work. DonJoy’s multiple knee brace solutions are designed to reduce the load on the impacted compartment, help relieve painful symptoms often associated with this complex disease, and help to improve quality of life.


All of our rigid, patient-ready knee braces Are constructed of a malleable metal alloy that can be formed to matchthe patient’s thigh and/or calf shape.



Silicone reinforced compression helps target knee pain.3 TriZone Technology for 3 zones of performance. Directional, wicking fibers provide Compression, Comfort and Cooling.

Level 2: Mild OA

Reaction Web®

Uses an innovative web approach for absorbing shock to help relieve knee pain caused by Chondromalacia, Patellar Tendonitis/Tendinosis, and general Patellofemoral tracking issues.

level 2: mild OA


A discreet aid for osteoarthritis knee pain. The OA Reaction Web® brace is a way to help treat osteoarthritis knee pain utilizing patented silicone web technology. By combining the web technology with a rigid off-loading bar, OA Reaction helps address both patella OA as well as either medial or lateral joint pain. The easy to wear open framework is designed for a comfortable, non-slip fit.

level 2-3: mild to moderate OA


Clima-Flex® OA helps offer a comfortable, cooling relief through compression and off-loading for patients with mild to moderate OA. Clima-Flex® OA is sleek and ideal for light activities such as walking, golf, or hiking.

level 3: moderate OA


Fit to Remarkable function. The TriFit takes the benefits of OA Reaction to another level using 3-dimension technology (Web, BOA® and Exos®). TriFit helps the active athletic patient address pain and stability both in the patella area as well as either the medial or lateral compartments. This brace offers an intimate and custom fit, designed to help reduce joint stiffness and pain by heightening shock absorption and dampening painful force and pressure.

level 3: moderate OA


Mighty. Light. Powered by nanoMAG™ and DonJoy’s Adjuster™ technology, DonJoy® OA Nano arthritis knee brace is the world’s lightest** functional OA knee brace available. Even with this light weight, OA Nano helps provide powerful off-load through a wider range of motion by using the unique adjuster mechanism—so your patients can keep moving forward.

level 3: moderate OA

OA fullforce™

DonJoy’s lightweight OA knee brace helps off-load the affected compartment of the knee while aiding in the reduction of ligament strain, allowing active patients to go more miles with less pain. The pain of early OA can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Keep your patients moving and strong and help prolong the degenerative process of OA.

level 4: severe OA

OA Adjuster 3™

Mighty. Tough. The improved OA Adjuster™ 3 is powered by nanoMAG™ and reinforced with a tough aluminum frame making it durable and functional DonJoy® OA knee brace.

Custom Bracing

Designed for the active OA patient, extremely lightweight and durable

level 4: severe OA

OA defiance®

DonJoy’s premier custom OA product. It is designed for the active OA patient, is extremely lightweight, and provides durable support for moderate to severe levels of osteoarthritis. The bilateral hinge bars offers support for ligament instabilities and work in conjunction with a patented telescoping condyle pad which helps put the load control in the hands of the patient.

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